As many people know, the custom of Vietnamese Tet holiday is to reunion with family and friends. Clean and/or decorate house, prepare gifts, lucky money (lì xì), food, and of course, EAT A LOT... for SEVERAL DAYS... In this time, lots of people begin to worry about their sharp of body. Looking for attractive cuisine and asking themselves should they eat or not...

When I saw this MV, I was amused by its funny and annoying clown, being ranted by the main role makes me laugh a lot. However, the two lines of the lyric in the MV have been perfectedly interpreted the situation in Tet holiday, the same with Chinese New Year. EAT A LOT and WORRY AFTER...


# Lyric

“Ăn hay không ăn, không ăn hay ăn nói một lời?”

Eat or not eat, not eat or eat, just say.

"Nếu ăn hết luôn nuốt đi ngại gì"

Often be worried (about sharp) after swallowing.

Funny video is now a big market for embedded advertising. This one combines product and pon perfectly. I give it a high score.

Be careful! Some lines in video are repeated a lot. They might have been stuck in your mind. 😆