The One Pillar Pagoda (Chùa Một Cột, formally Diên Hựu tự [延祐寺] or Liên Hoa Đài [蓮花臺]) is a historic Buddhist temple in Hanoi. It is regarded alongside the Perfume Temple, as one of Vietnam's two most iconic temples.

# The History

One Pillar Pagoda in 1896

This temple was built by Emperor Lý Thái Tông in 1049. However, in 1954, the French Army, before withdrawing from Hanoi, laid mines to destroy the One Pillar Pagoda in the morning of September 10, 1954. The heritage was collapsed under the explosion. One year later, the government of Vietnam conducted a major renovation of the One Pillar Pagoda, rebuilt the One Pillar Pagoda according to the old architecture. The one we see today was repaired in 1955 by Nguyễn Bá Lăng Architect.

One Pillar Pagoda, today

# The Coin of $5,000 Vietnamese Dong

General speaking, the images on the banknotes and coins of a country will choose some important symbols at that time. For the coin of $5,000 Vietnamese Dong, the symbol is One Pillar Pagoda. This coin was issued on 17 December, 2003 by the state bank of Vietnam. The denomination is $5,000 VND. In the front side is the Vietnamese emblem. In the back side is the picture of One Pillar Pagoda with words for the state bank of Vietnam.

# Opening Hours

  • Open from 8:00 to 16:00 everyday

# Location

The address of One Pillar Pagoda is Chùa Một Cột, Đội Cấn, Ba Đình, Hanoi, Vietnam. 300m to Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

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