Want to see a movie at Hanoi? If you lookup on Google Map, you must found that the popluar cniemas in Vietnam are CGV cinema and Lotte cinema. Both of these cinema chains belong to South Korea companies. Their amount of the commented stars in Google Map are about 4.2 ~ 4.3. It has a stable service quality. But today, I want to mention about a Vietnamese cinema, called National Cinema Center (Trung tâm Chiếu Phim Quốc Gia).

National Cinema Center at Hanoi

National Cinema Center / Trung tâm Chiếu Phim Quốc Gia

National Cinema Center is another great choice. It also has 4.3 stars on Google Map. You can see diverse movies produced by various nations, includes USA, China, Korea, Thai, France, and of course Vietnam.

# Ticket Price

Another great news is about their easy to affordable cost. These are the ticket price provided on their official website (opens new window). The currency below is Vietnamese dollar. Base on the seating level, the prices of 2D, 3D, 4D movie tickets are respectively around the range between $30k and $170k Vietnamese dollar. ( $1.28 ~ $7.29 USD, based on 1 USD = 23,264 VND )

In case of discrepancy, the information from official website shall prevail

# Film Festival

The next joyful thing is that they collaborate with other organizations to host film festivals. For example, November 2018 for European Film Festival (opens new window). December 2018 for Japanese Film Festival (opens new window). In addition, sometimes the ticket is free. 😀 You can try to receive those information by following their Facebook page (opens new window).

European Film Festival in Vietnam 2018

Japanese Film Festival in Vietnam 2018

# Location

The address of National Cinema Center is 87 Láng Hạ, Quận Ba Đình, Tp. Hà Nội. Located at central Hanoi city. Next to cinema is Indira Gandhi Park. People do exercise here, even fishing in the lake. If your movie havn't started, you could consider relaxing at here.

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